Rodrigo Torres Saavedra

Associate Investigators

Researcher at the Research Center on Patagonian Ecosystems (CIEP) and Professor of the University Austral of Chile at Coyhaique. Marine Biologist, with M.Sc. in Oceanography at the University of Concepcion and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Most of Dr. Torres’ research has centered on the study of carbon, silica, and iron cycles in marine ecosystems. He is currently participating in four funded research projects aimed at understanding the effect of ocean acidification and global warming on the physiology, behavior, and habitat of marine organisms. Dr. Torres is a member of diverse groups such as Grupo SCOR 145 (focused on modeling chemical speciation in seawater) and Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (aimed at global monitoring of ocean acidification).

He has directed the study of the chemistry of Subantarctic and Antarctic waters during IDEAL oceanographic campaigns in the Patagonian and Antarctic Archipelago.