Marie-Laure Guillemin

Associate investigators

Professor at the Environmental and Evolutionary Science Institute from the Faculty of Science at the University Austral of Chile. PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Paris XIII, France.

Dr. Guillemin is a specialist in the genetics of alga populations. Throughout her career, she has studied the processes that modify biological diversity, especially in the coastal marine area. Her research has centered on understanding the processes – both natural and anthropogenic – that affect the permanence of macroalgal populations.

Currently, Dr. Guillemin is a researcher in the French-Chilean laboratory UMI, “Evolutionary Biology and Ecology of Algae” (EBEA). She also leads projects on the population genomics of Gracilaria chilensis (known as Chinese moss or sea string; locally, pelillo) throughout the South Pacific and the comparative phylogeography of high-latitude algae.