Leonardo Castro Cifuentes



Marine Biologist from the Universidad de Concepción, MSc in Marine Environmental Sciences and Ph.D. in Coastal Oceanography from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Professor at the Universidad de Concepción, he was director of the M.Sc. in Fisheries, of the Doctorate Program in Oceanography, and of the Department of Oceanography. He also was Committee Member of the CIMAR-Fiordos Program, director of the working group Biología I in FONDECYT, and Committee Member of SPACC in GLOBEC.

Along his scientific career, he has been working on subjects such as larval ecology, fisheries oceanography, reproductive strategies and carbon flux in zooplankton. Within the Plankton group in IDEAL, his research work includes the study of the role in the trophic web and the spatial dynamics of key species and functional groups such as of Munida gregaria, euphausiids and ichthyoplankton in the Patagonian ecosystem, transport/retention processes in fjords and channels, and the ecology of the early life stages of invertebrates and fishes.


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