Gustavo Blanco Wells

Principal Investigators

Dr. Blanco is an Associate Professor at the Institute of History and Social Sciences in the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the Universidad Austral de Chile. He is also an associate researcher at the Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR)2 and a member of the work group Global Environmental Change, Environmental Policies, and Territory of the Latin Amerian Council on Social Sciences (CLACSO).

Dr. Blanco is an Agronomical Engineer from the Universidad Austral de Chile, with a Master’s in Social Studies of Science and Technology from the Universidad de Roskilde in Denmark. He also holds a Doctorate in the Sociology of Development from the Wageningen University in Holland.

Since 2010, he has led the research program “The Sociology of Climate Change”, and since 2016, the program known as “The Social Life of Energy”; both projects look at the territorial responses of global phenomena associated with global politics or environmental processes of change. His research covers the territorial trajectories of policies and initiatives on development, science, and the environment, from the governing mechanisms to their adoption or transformation by groups or individuals in fields of activity relevant to the ways and means of life in the far-southern regions.