José Luis Iriarte Machuca

Principal Investigators

Dr. Iriarte is a Full Professor of the Aquaculture Institute at the Universidad Austral de Chile, director of the Graduate School (Puerto Montt branch), and associate researcher at the Center for Research in Ecosystems of Patagonia (CIEP), the program Centro Basal COPAS Sur-Austral, and the Centro Internacional LIA-MORFUN.

He has a Ms.Sc. in Oceanography at Texas A & M University (USA). He completed his PhD. in Biology and Pelagic Ecology at the University of Concepción.

In recent years, Dr. Iriarte has concentrated on studying the primary productivity of marine systems off the Chilean coast and its modulating factors (light, nutrients, stratification). His most recent research has allowed him to obtain basic information leading to an understanding of the potential effect of natural changes on the primary products of the Subantarctic, Patagonian, and Antarctic marine ecosystems.