Daniela Soto Vergara

Postdoctoral investigators

Biochemist from the University of Chile (Santiago, Chile). She completed her doctoral studies in Marine Biology at the Austral University of Chile (Valdivia, Chile.) Her research interests focus on the characterization of the diversity and mechanisms of tolerance to environmental stressors of microorganisms that inhabit Antarctic and sub-Antarctic ecosystems through the use of massive sequencing techniques (metabarcoding, metagenomics.) Additionally, through the use of programming tools, she investigates the potential that the species of these communities have to generate biotic relationships.

As part of her postdoctoral research at the IDEAL Center, she studies the microbiomes associated with Macrocystis pyrifera in the Strait of Magellan, determining how the composition of these microbial communities impacts the health status of huiro forests. In parallel, she characterizes the microbiome of Macrocystis pyrifera forest sediments to establish its role in the biogeochemical cycles that support life in the benthic soil of the Strait of Magellan. She studies the role of the cryosphere and ice phenology in maritime Antarctic coastal processes, connecting terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems from a microbiological perspective.