Claudio González-Webar

Associate Investigators

Dr. González is a Marine Biologist with a Master’s Degree in Sciences, specialization in Genetics, from the Universidad Austral de Chile. He completed his PhD in Biological Sciences, specialization in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the Universidad de Chile.

In the past decade, Dr. González has concentrated on studying biogeographic patterns in shallow invertebrates of the Southern Ocean. His line of research focuses on understanding the evolutionary processes involved in the origin and diversification of particular groups of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic mollusks. In parallel, he studies the impact that Quaternary glacial events have had on the patterns of diversity, structure, and genetic connectivity in different provinces of the Southern Ocean.

Dr. González is currently an Associate Professor at the Institute of Marine and Limnological Sciences of the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACH), a Young Researcher at the Instituto Milenio de Ecología y Biodiversidad (IEB), an Associate Researcher for the Antarctic Ring GAB, and a Latin American Representative to AntECO (State of the Anatctic Ecosystem), a scientific program of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).