Álvaro González

Associate Investigators

Academic of the Institute of Earth Sciences (ICT) of the Faculty of Sciences of the Austral University of Chile.

Natural Resources Conservation Engineer from the same university and PhD in Geology from the University of Chile.

Among the main topics that he has studied, the multidisciplinary study of hydroclimate and climate change at multiple time scales stands out, integrating hydroclimatic observations, data from reanalysis and regional and global circulation models of the atmosphere.

At the IDEAL Center, his work has been focused on the study of marine heat waves around Antarctica and the Southern Ocean; its connection with changes in the atmosphere and its relationship with global scale climate forcing such as ENSO and SAM. Additionally, his research uses outputs from global circulation models (GCMs) to know future changes in the evolution of the climate in areas located at high latitudes, the Magallanes region and also the south-central zone of Chile.