Luis Outeiro

Group leader

Degree in Geography from the University of Santiago de Compostela and PhD in Physical Geography from the University of Barcelona. He has participated in two MEC Research projects and a French Ministry of Environment project. Winner of a predoctoral FPU from the Ministry of Spain for four years, where he had the opportunity to be a professor at the University of Barcelona.

His first scientific approach to the field of marine ecology was developed when he obtained the FONDECYT Chile postdoctoral degree. He obtained funding to develop a three-year project focused on the inland sea of Chiloé (Chilean Patagonia,) in which he worked on distribution models of sessile species, environmental impact models of aquaculture and spatial modeling of services of coastal and marine ecosystems.

In this phase, he developed a multidisciplinary approach working with anthropologists, sociologists, economists, ecologists, agriculturist and administration managers to design strategies for marine spatial planning with an emphasis on marine ecosystem services.