After two years of pandemic, the traveling exhibition returns face-to-face in the region. The main novelty of this version is that, for the first time, it will reach Puerto Natales, Porvenir and Puerto Williams.

From July 1 to November 25, 2022, and after two years of being held remotely, the photographic exhibition “Ojo de Pez: portrait of life in the aquatic world” returns to the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region.

The exhibition seeks to expose and value the natural beauty, the diversity of species, the productive activities and the threats facing the aquatic, marine and freshwater ecosystems in Chile. It is organized by the Institute of Marine and Limnological Sciences (ICML) of the Austral University of Chile (UACh), the Regional Associative Project (PAR) Explora of the Los Ríos Region and the Center for Dynamic Research of High Latitude Marine Ecosystems (IDEAL).

The traveling exhibition brings together the 30 winning photographs of the Ojo de Pez photographic contest held in 2021. Fishermen weaving nets, birds in flight over the water, aquatic and underwater species and the pollution of rivers and the country’s coasts are part of the topics addressed the images. Historically, in the Magallanes region, the initiative had only reached Punta Arenas. This year, in addition to being presented in the regional capital, specifically in Zona Austral, and thanks to an alliance with El Galpón Lab, the Cinema Theater and the Donald Mc Intyre Griffiths School, for the first time, the exhibition will land in Puerto Natales, Porvenir and Port Williams, respectively.

“There are few activities dedicated to the dissemination of science through art. The fact of taking the exhibition to the extreme south of Chile marks an important milestone as it will contribute to making life around aquatic bodies known, precisely in cities that have little access to this type of initiative, due to their remoteness and their little connectivity with the world,” said Dr. José Garcés, an ICML academic and researcher at the IDEAL Center, who has been in charge of the exhibition since 2014. “In Chile there are only two regions that have marine parks and one of them is the Magallanes Region, so the exhibition not only contributes to highlighting the natural aquatic beauty, but also contributes to the knowledge of many unique species that can only be found in this vast area,” he added.

“We are very happy to be able to receive the Ojo de Pez exhibition in Puerto Natales at the beginning of its tour in Magallanes, and thus be able to share with the community this great work related to the conservation of aquatic ecosystems in Chile, to be able to know, value and care for nature,” assured the director of El Galpón Lab, Mané Cruzat.

The exhibition itinerary will take place on the following dates and places:


From July 1st to 29th

El Galpón Patagonia

16 Pedro Montt Street (Next to Petrobras)


From August 2nd to 26th

Cinema Theater

790 Manuel Señoret Street


September (dates to be confirmed)

Donald McIntyre Griffiths School

158 Yelcho Street


From October 3rd to November 25th

Central mall of Zona Austral

Km 3.5 north Bulnes Avenue